Open wineries: top wine tourism

The dates and methods of carrying out the event will be communicated as soon as possible.

Cantine Aperte (Open Wineries) is the most important Italian event focusing on wine and wineries. It was created in 1993 by the association Movimento Turismo del Vino to give wine lovers and wine tourists the opportunity to know more about wine. Thanks to the constant work carried out by Movimento Turismo del Vino, it is now easier for people to visit wineries, enjoy tastings and chat with the protagonists of wine production in an exclusive atmosphere. Cantine Aperte is a unique experience: every winery offers visitors a different programme to share unforgettable moments.
Visiting each winery is like exploring a different area of the region, like a coloured tessera of a beautiful mosaic.
Information for wine tourists:
  • this event is not simply a wine festival, but an opportunity to discuss with people dedicating their lives to their work, with passion and professionalism
  • winemakers will welcome you and offer from 1 to 3 tasting; the winery might charge you for additional tastings
  • this is the list of the wineries taking part to the authentic Open Wineries: beware of copycats
  • in some wineries you need to make a reservation for the visit and/or the events they organise; check out the programme and make your reservation in time
  • for the first time, this year you can check out the QRCode on the back of this map to have a look at the programme and location of each winery
  • you are visiting production sites, so please respect the instructions of the wineries

Open Wineries & UNICEF solidarity wine glass
20 years ago Movimento Turismo del Vino FVG started collaborating with the Unicef FVG Committees of the Provinces to support the important initiatives launched by the NGO. In the wineries taking part to the Unicef project, you'll find the authentic wine glass of the event (€ 7,00); the money raised from the sales will be donated for the campaign “Feed life. Let's save children from malnutrition”.

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